Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crafty Treats

We really had a lot of fun yesterday with our charity crafters. I spread out the 26 skeins of yarn that a neighbor donated (see previous post). A new member of our group, younger than the rest of us, about 50 (we're all in our late 60s or early 70s), helped color-sort for me. Each of the regulars was able to pick 8 skeins for her stash.

We've been at this for over a year, now. We began by using up our leftover yarn. Many times, I know very well that we even buy extra yarn for the charity projects. It is a treat when somebody donates yarn to us.

Our new member was a happy accident. I met her when I pulled up outside the Clubhouse and she was walking her little dog (part Yorkie, part Shih Tzu). I had my hands full of bags and the yarn was very obvious. She asked what was happening and I explained our Fridays. Turns out she visits across from the meeting place quite often during the week. She hurried back to her friend's home, left her doggie in his care, and came back.

She hadn't expected to get excited over our activities, so she didn't have anything with her. She said she hadn't crocheted in about 20 years. Well, she came at the right time. She ended up with a skein or two of the donated yarn, a hook from one of the ladies, and a lot of help getting re-acquainted with crocheting. She did a very good job on her first try. It will come back to her very quickly, we can tell. And it will be nice having her with us.

Those two hours a week are a blessing for each of us. Every one of the five we have now has some issue or another to deal with at home. For these two hours, we are forced to forget our troubles and concentrate on helping someone else. For those two hours, we rest in each other's company. It is a real treat.

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Peach Rainbow said...

"A Happy Accident" Indeed!
I am sure she is glad that she met you and could RE-start her crocheting!