Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Right Path

I'm not sure what I want to say this evening. It is Good Friday, and even though I didn't go to any services, I did try to focus on the Lord's work. This morning was the usual gathering for two hours with our little crafting group, making things for the needy.

Later in the day, I spent some time on a little afghan I'm crocheting for one of my "nephew's" friends who just had a baby boy.

But I feel a little embarrassed because, other than routine everyday tasks, I didn't do much else. I did turn my thoughts to what Good Friday means, now and then. I know in my heart that even though I love God and his beloved son, I would have made a very poor Christian back in those special days. Like Peter, I probably would have done everything I could to pretend I did not know the man called Jesus, rather than risk the wrath of the violent soldiers and possibly even the crowd.

I am always in awe of a God who still helps me even though I do not ever have an entire day without doing something against God's commandments.

Some of my friends do not consider telling a lie, even a "white lie" to avoid hurting someone's feelings, a sin. Neither do they consider gossip or gluttony or taking God's name in vain, as sins. We have become so much a part of our world that we find it easy to kid ourselves about the spiritual part of our lives.

I am very much aware that in the end, when the Lord calls me to him, I will have to answer for all these things, and more. I can kid myself, and friends and neighbors about my intentions, but I cannot hide from God himself - he knows me better than I even know myself.

Father, forgive me for the pain I caused your son, and even though I do not deserve it, please continue to bless me with your grace and help me to follow your commandments and stay on the path to Heaven.

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