Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finding Oomph

Yesterday I posted about how I need more oomph now that the hot days are upon us here in southern Nevada. Even as a young girl back in Philly, I wilted in the summer heat.

A friend of mine emailed me today. She is the complete opposite of me. She calls herself a "snake" because she needs a hot rock to lie on before she is comfortable. Not me. I'm not exactly fond of bitter cold weather, although it is easier on me than the heat. I just cannot "do" ice and shoveling snow at my age.

Back to finding my "oomph."

It dawned on me today that maybe I ought to adopt the habit that many hot countries follow - the mid-day Siesta or nap.

Instead of my trying to manage physical tasks mid-day or mid-afternoon, I should make a firm push early in the day. I need to look at how I am currently organizing my day and possibly make a change or two. This insight comes after 16 years in this climate. I think I am a slow-learner!

So, I need to begin praying about making some wise daily routine changes.

Dear Lord, I will need your help in this; guide me gently toward the routine you know will work best for me, so that I can manage to do the work you trust me to do for you and for those you place in my path.

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