Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Design a Reusable Shopping Bag; Win $1000 Gift Card (5/23)

If you have a Kroger-owned grocery market (see below in listed links) in your area, you can have fun designing a recyclable, reusable shopping bag, vote for yours or for other bags, get a FREE bag at your next Smith's trip within 30 days (if you have a Smith's Shopper's Card), and have a chance to win a $1000 Kroger Gift Card.

Check the links below to see if one of these stores is in your area. Here are the links for the contest and the stores.
You can enter at any of these sites:,,,,,,,,,,,, or ("Website").

When you get there, you need to register if you do not already done so. Then you can have fun designing a "green" design for the front of a canvas bag.

You can email your design to friends and ask them to vote.
You can note your design number (my first one, in the photo here, is 18809 but it might take 2 days to show on their site).
And you can even buy your design by going to CafePress afterwards and have them print it for you.

The final Top Ten designs will be featured on their web site.

Prizes are: Top Bag wins a $1000 Gift Card and you might see your bag in stores; 4 Finalists each receive a $250 Kroger Gift Card; and 5 Runners-Up each receive a $100 Kroger Gift Card.

I love the idea of having a chance at a $1000 Kroger Gift Card. I also loved designing my first bag. I gotta go back and make some more!

C'mon, let me see YOURS. Leave a comment if you do design one, so I can check it out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that. Wow, $1000 goes a long way. Good luck!

Vaughnde said...

I designed a bag but it won't be up for a couple days. Thanks for the link and Good luck to whoever wins the $1000 Kroger Card. It would be nice for me to get food for myself and restock the pantry :)