Friday, March 5, 2010

When I'm Indecisive About Decisions

I cannot believe I have spent so many years doing things the hard way. This is so true of the times when making a decision is extremely difficult.

Sometimes I will toss things around in my head for days, or weeks, trying to decide which way to go, what to do, which path is the smartest one to take.

Tonight was one of those times. I've tossed this problem around for almost three weeks. Finally, tonight, I just tossed it into God's hands. I explained that I just wasn't sure which way to go on this issue, and would he please take over and show me which was best, according to his plan.

Once I did that, of course, I felt very relieved. The stress level went way down. I felt completely comfy knowing he would be working on it for me.

My concern is that I don't do this often enough. You'd think I'd be smart enough by now. Well, I guess I'll just be happy I thought of it tonight. One problem is now in his capable hands, and I have just a few million more to go.

Dear Father, I am very grateful that I can turn these problems over to you and trust you to show me the way to handle them; please send me the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that my eyes and ears will be open enough to hear and see the answer you send me.

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