Sunday, March 28, 2010

Giving in to God's Wishes?

It took us 4 days of looking when we went "shopping" for a used car to replace our ratty old van. The van was so bad, the leaking was visible when it was parked, even for a few moments. You could literally see the dripping. The sludge on the driveway was almost an inch deep with dripped oil and kitty litter. That was just one issue with it. Both AC and heater no longer worked. It was growling.

We went to 2 or 3 small car lots a day after my nephew's 12 hr shift as a cab driver. He was dog tired. I was, also, because it meant hours when I was not doing what needed to be done at home.

Finally, on Friday, we were peeking over a cyclone fence at one lot which sided a lot we had stopped to check. Seeing nothing that jumped out at us, and not seeing any prices on the windows, we turned to go. A young salesman called to us. We were so tired we just went along with him.

We had both wants and needs for the "new" used vehicle, but more than that, we only had a certain amount for down payment and could not afford more than $250 a month for payments. This was the only place that dealt with us on the level we could manage. They only showed us one vehicle, the only one in our range. We both sat in it. We went for a test drive. We took it.

We are happy with some features, and we are unhappy with others. We are making our peace with it. It's a 2001 Saturn 4-door, hornet green, so dark green it's almost black. But both AC and heat work; seat adjustments work. They completely replaced the windshield for us (a few dings on the existing one), fixed the driver door window that refused to go up when we motored it down, and a few other things. They were very willing to fix all safety-related concerns before 24 hrs were up.

Bottom line? I am certain that all our running around the previous days were the work of the Lord. We might not have stopped at this lot otherwise. Sometimes, he makes us run around so we are too tired to resist what he has picked out for us. They took the ratty old van in trade for part of the down which would have been more than we had in cash.

I truly miss the roominess of the van, and me being short, I miss getting the higher view of the road. But this little "green hornet" feels good when rolling along. It's cramped and my 70-yr-old legs do not like the bending they have to do to get in and out. But perhaps the Lord needs me to keep my legs flexible.

Dearest Lord my God, thank you for helping us when we were too tired to help ourselves; help us to make our peace with this car that you led us to, and protect us always while we are driving and riding in it.

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