Saturday, March 6, 2010

Craft Sites I Love: Crochet It

Crochet It is a new site for me. There are so many, but I only choose to follow a small number. Too many sites, too little time (sigh). This one is worth it for me. "yarngirl" doesn't post often, but when she does, it is worth checking out.

She happily shares her crochet patterns with viewers.

The pattern that drew me to her site this past week was one for a cute little crochet basket. The photo is from her site. My previous post about it said: " cutest little crochet basket I have ever seen, and probably the easiest, too. I have about a dozen people I'd like to make them for, for Easter. They are small, but will easily handle a dozen jelly beans, a mini-candy-bar or two or three, plus a marshmallow bunny or peep." I can also see these in different colors for different holidays, and also for "favor" baskets.

Tonight, I checked out her previous posts and patterns. Some that I plan to try are patterns for cute little "snow trees" for the holidays, clothespin doll and angel pattern in yarn (most are in thread; this is a welcome change), and a hexagon motif join-as-you-go-strips afghan pattern.

Her photos are so crisp and clear, her directions are always easy and her projects cheery.

She also is quick to share sources of supplies for her patterns, like where to get clothespins and the stands, for the clothespin dolls/angels.

Her site, Crochet It, is very simple. Go down to the archives, and click on a month or year, and then click on the posts you wish to see.

I am so happy that I became a follower of her blog.


Thena said...

I thought about you when I saw that Hobby Lobby online is having a contest for crocheting or knitting a prayer shawl. I haven't ever made anything but afghans but I'm going to give it a try. Can't be much different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about my site. I have another basket pattern to add soon. It is on the ridiculous side! I hope to go over the pattern and get it up this week.