Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disappointed in Myself

I almost didn't post tonight, and this might be very short. I am disappointed in myself, and just a little tired, a little life-weary. I rarely allow myself to feel sorry for myself for more than an hour, if even that. When I am truly upset with my life or myself, I might allow myself some tears, get it over with, and get on with things. It's just easier to do that than to let myself really get bogged down in that feeling.

Tonight, I realized I had failed miserably on my second day of trying to not complain or criticize for Lent. To top it off, I let my temper go and yelled during a disagreement. How silly, I thought afterward. Not that I mean that my complaining or criticism was silly - that was just plain dumb because it didn't accomplish anything. But the yelling was silly. That for sure didn't accomplish anything. Plus, it scared the cat.

Okay, so I'm all right now. But I need to work more on the intensity of my reaction to some issues.

Dear Father, this child of yours just never seems to learn; please fill me with your love that I might love others as you do, as you want me to do. Help me, too, to be slower with my words of anger, and faster with my prayers to you before I speak.

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Kelly L said...

I know what you mean - you are NOT alone - and our Father gives us many chances to get it right.

Love to you