Friday, January 29, 2010

Slimline Spool Thread Storage Box (2/12)

My fave craft and craft-giveaway site, FaveCrafts, is giving away a Slimline Spool Thread Storage Box by Sulky. I went to the Sulky website and saw all their wonderful quilting supplies. You don't need to be a quilter to use this organizer. It would be wonderful for anyone who does a lot of sewing. Go forth and enter, my sewing and quilting friends. Someone's gonna win it; why not you?
To enter, go to FaveCrafts (or click on my Giveaways sidebar link for the Slimline Spool Thread Storage Box).
Image by Sulky


Linda Kish said...

So, I'm confused (often the case,unfortunately). Do I sign up here? If so, I will be first. Count me in. Thanks

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Sorry about the confusion. The link where you go to enter was highlighted, but I just went in and edited the post so that it is more clear. You need to go to FaveCrafts, via the link, to enter.

If you are still confused, just go to my sidebar and click on THAT link.

Feel free to ask if this is still not clear.

Hugs to all