Friday, January 29, 2010

His Wonders - both large and small

This is one of those nights when I just do not know what to write about.

I thought about covering my tendency to try to "fix" everybody's life. That's a bad tendency in my character. I must try harder, or pray more often, to resist trying to change people. I must ask for the grace to accept them as they are, to pray about anything that seems harmful to them, and to find the good in them.

I also thought about how people think the world is an absolutely rotten place and that most people are just plain sinful. Well, we each have our own private sins and faults to overcome, but in general, most people are good. I thought about mentioning all the people I know personally who do good things for others. I thought about all the people I've met who are not ashamed to say that they love God and try hard to follow his commandments.

Then I thought about posting about all his wonders. We had a lot of rain these past two weeks, and the mountain tops in the distance are iced with beautiful snow caps. Tonight is the Wolf Moon, the first moon of the New Year. AOL tells me that the Native Americans named it that because the hungry wolves howled at that moon. Tonight it will be its fullest of the year, and to the left, the red "star" is Mars. These are just two of his wonders.

None of these caught my attention enough for a full post tonight. But, when I look back, they each show me that my spirit is upbeat, my thoughts are on the Lord and his wonders and his wonderful people. This is a good thing, and good enough to share with each of you.

May your night (and your upcoming days) be filled with good thoughts, too.

Dear God, thank you for all the wonders in your world, each in its own small but grand way.

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Kelly L said...

I'm a fixer too - but often times we just need to be still and know that He is God.

Love to you