Monday, November 16, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between

Most days are not all good, or not all bad, but a bit of both. Today was typical.

I was praying hard for a happy outcome from a visit from a sewer/drain man today. Lately, when I do laundry, the wash water backs into the kitchen sink, and it kept getting worse. I finally pushed enough cash, I hoped, to cover this visit, and prayed he could clear it easily. Long story short - he had to use 60 ft of line but he cleared it in less than half an hour. We even ran a plain water wash to test it, and not even a gurgle at my kitchen sink. With the senior discount, it was only $55.35 - this, my friends, was a miracle! Now I can do whole, entire, full loads of wash once again. It has been months now, that I have been doing only 1/3 loads.

Okay, that went well. However, I had bad news about my little sis in long-term care. She's currently in a hospital with a bladder infection but her general condition worried the doctor on that staff who usually sees her if she in there for any reason. She is very lethargic and confused and doesn't communicate. I knew from the nursing home that this was happening the past few months. I haven't been able to chat with her on the phone in her room (I pay for that for her) and I truly missed it and was worried. They want to do an MRI of her brain because a CAT scan showed a mass. They need to see if it is a lesion or an aneurysm. She had a brain aneurysm in '74 and she wasn't supposed to live another five years, but she sure surprised us all.

Anyhow, I am very concerned about this. They might not be able to do the MRI if the shunt from that first surgery is metal. They are checking to see when metal was discontinued as the material of choice. I am praying hard on this - for acceptance of whatever God has in mind for her. She has suffered so much these past few years that I'm inclined to let her go peacefully to the Father, but if surgery would restore her to a reasonable quality of life, oh, I don't know. It's not the time to daydream, but the time to pray.

In general, it was a reasonably peaceful day. I finished the 16 pg community newsletter that I write/edit each month for our senior mobile home park (volunteer basis), I finished another hat for the homeless, bagged a few of my plastic canvas crosses (gave one to the drain doctor!), and took care of some other things.

Father, thank you for everything you helped me through today; I am grateful that you are always there for me, and I pray that I always try to do what you hope I will do for you.

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