Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craft Fair Addicts

I think it would be fun to be free enough, whether money-wise or time-wise or obligation-wise, to be a Craft Fair Addict. We had our community Craft Fair on the 7th. On that day, we had 8 crafters and 11 tables. Not a huge number. But, because it was small, we all got to know one another and share info.

Several of the ladies decided to also do another Craft Fair the following week within a mile of the one we had. In addition, several planned to go to a church bazaar in a few weeks.

It will be fun for them. The next fair they do, some of them will know one another and will share tips and news, as well as sob stories.

Not all fairs are equally profitable. At the one we had, 6 ladies made at least their table rent back, plus a few of them pulled over $100 for that day. I did not pull in more than $25.

That's not a fortune around here. One gal always does a particular church bazaar around this time of year and almost always pulls in over $300.

It's interesting to watch different sellers and their techniques. I did notice that "schmoozers" do better than the "quiet gals." Even if a potential customer is not interested in a table's wares, the "schmoozers" make small talk. This means that the potential customer lingers at the table to chat. This often results in the visitor's suddenly noticing things that they were just glancing at previously, and then in a sale.

I'm not a "schmoozer." If I decide to do any future craft fairs, I suppose I ought to try to change that.

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