Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saving Online Patterns

Yesterday's post about the 1000s of free craft projects and patterns on got me thinking. I realized I had saved and/or printed more patterns than I ever dreamed I would ever want. Between FaveCrafts, Crochet Pattern Central, and CraftBits, aside from yarn sites and other free pattern sites, it amounts to a hefty number.

That made me wonder about the best way to save or stash them, for ready access.

Saving to my hard drive is typical. I usually always do that. I finally worked out a way to name them. An afghan pattern might say "AfgEasyLacy." If there are several like that, I might name them "AfgEasyLacy1," "AfgEasyLacy2," and so on. But now I have many, many of these.

I am notoriously sloppy about backups. I should take the patterns and put them on a CD, and then just add to that, or print from that. I can readily make a backup copy of the CD once a week, or once a month, in case the disk goes bad.

I also print some, if I plan to use the pattern right away or in the coming weeks. These get strewn all around my crafting area, stuffed in with projects, piled in piles, and whatever. I think I need to do some 3-hole punching and then put them into a binder. That is something I consider "manual labor" or "torture" (sigh), so it's not something I'm really eager to do.

To save the paper copies, I must also decide what category to put them in, for dividers and tabs. Things like gloves can go either under "accessories," "gloves," or other possible headings. I think I will file them under the name I'm most likely to think of when I want the pattern. But again, this is probably a "down the line" project.

Although I didn't manage to post a tip or anything you can use, I did manage to clear my head about these patterns. And, at least, I have decided to transfer all those patterns to a CD this weekend. By transfer, I mean totally remove and move to disk. That will leave the Pattern folder bare-naked, empty, absolutely free of patterns. After the transfer, I'll just go in once a week or so, and transfer the new ones in my "Pattern" folder.

Thanks for helping me sort some of this out (BG).

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