Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayers on the Run

This afternoon, I found myself with a half-hour wait when I went to pick up a household member from his job. I forgot to take my crocheting with me, and I had nothing to write on, so I couldn't work on a blog post or anything like that. However, I was happy to find my self-published paperback, the Busy Person's Prayer Book.

It has been a year since I published it. I had dreams of hoards of people buying it. I have sold and/or given away a total of 40. My problem is that I hold back on promotion. For a while, I blamed that on my care-giving tasks, but now the person I took care of has passed on. I no longer have an excuse.

So, what is stopping me? Money, of course. But there are many ways of publicizing products these days. Looking for answers, I read it, cover to cover. I wrote it. I know what is in it. But reading it from start to finish, once more, re-acquainted me with my own goals for that book. My dream was not fame for me. My dream was to get it into the hands of those who could benefit from it. I had forgotten that dream.

I even have a place where people can read four sample prayers from the book, view the entire Table of Contents which lists every prayer in there, and more.

This book is filled with simple prayers, but they are for the daily issues we all face at one time or another. If we ourselves do not face a particular issue, then we know someone who does, someone who needs us to pray for them.

These little prayers are so short, so easy to memorize, and so to-the-point, I must begin once again to pray for ideas that will help get the word out.

Dear Lord, you guided me every step of the way with our book, and many, many of the prayers came directly from you; help me now, if the time has come, to move this along, for your greater glory and for the people who need it.

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