Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Own Special Touch

There is nothing wrong with the desire to have people admire your handcrafted work. The only time a problem arises is if a person desires fame out of proportion to other areas of their life. Even in the Bible, we are told not to hide our light under a bushel.

With all the competition out there today, especially if our work appears on the Internet, we need to have an "edge," something that sets us apart. Some folks add buttons, or beads, or they have a certain knack with delightful color combinations. Perhaps your special knack is the high quality of your work.

Whatever it is that you do, your special twist, always be sure to mention it. That one thing that sets you apart is what helps you sell your work.

It's easy to think that our creations stand apart on their own. I made little thread crochet "backs" for stud earrings and was amazed when I searched Etsy and found that a few others were already selling "earring jackets," some very similar and almost identical to what I thought was an original design. My twist will be to include a special item with each order that will make them easier to use. (No, I'm not telling just yet - grin). Another time, I thought my fingerless gloves were the only ones out there. Lo and behold, I found so many on Etsy, I needed to come up with my own twist. Now I offer fur-trimmed versions. Some handcrafters add buttons and other trims.

There's nothing wrong with offering your work as it stands. Do some research on pricing and compare materials and quality. But to bring more attention to your projects, do try to come up with your own touch.

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