Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Premature Worrying

I suffer from premature worrification. I have seen, time and again, that things do work out. Not always in the way I expect or wish, but in the best way for me. Still, I do find myself worrying. Normally, I'm a problem solver. Folks know they can depend on me to either have an answer for them, or, if I do not, then I usually know where they should go for the next step to take to solve their problem. But that doesn't mean that I know everything. Especially, I do not know the future and the answers to worries about the future.

Recently, I've seen a few examples of answers to past worries. A dear friend and neighbor must take perhaps his last trip, from here to Jamaica, to visit a sick relative, and he will be gone for 3 or 4 weeks. He has assumed I will take care of his male cat, but I already have my own, and they do not get along, so I cannot bring his over here. I have been trying to talk him into kenneling him for the time he will be away. Yesterday, another friend returned from a 3 week vacation and her spoiled little doggie was alone all that time. One friend of hers came over every morning to feed, water, and talk to her little gal, and then, in the evening, her grown grandson did the same. The doggie managed just fine. We have decided that this neighbor kitty will be fine, too, with me going across to his house every morning and every evening. Past worry turns out to be not worthy of the time I had put into it.

Now I am resisting the urge to worry about whether his kitty will run out of the door when he learns my routine and expects me to open it twice a day. But, I am sincerely trying to resist it.

I originally thought I had two examples of how things worked out but I can't remember the other one. Still, this one was a good example, one I should easily remember.

Dear God, forgive me for not trusting you to take care of me and the people you place in my path; help me to resist the urge to worry needlessly, a fault that takes away the energy I need to do what you expect me to do.

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