Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Medical Issues

A dear friend and neighbor is scared silly right now. She is down to 118 from about 140 because she cannot keep anything down when she eats. The doctors have had her to a zillion specialists. She and her husband are on a fixed income. They are seniors. The co-pays are ruining them. She had to cut her internet access and her landline phone and is dealing with everything from a prepaid cell.

She has several medical issues, all at one time. Today, in addition to what I will explain in the next paragraph, they found what might be a tumor in her kidney. She had cancer a while back, so this is a real concern.

What I am most fearful of right now is that the doctors are disagreeing as to whether she needs surgery or not for her gall bladder. Now one specialist says it absolutely MUST come out but they cannot schedule her until October 20th. By that time, this woman will not be alive. She is not able to retain any food or liquid.

She left a message today with her primary care doctor about this time-frame. We are hoping he can get them to deal with it as an emergency and do it sooner.

So, if anyone is reading this tonight, please pray for a compassionate response to her situation, ASAP.

Oh, and, please, if any of you need prayers, too, please do not ever hesitate to ask. If you are shy about asking by Comment, just email me privately, or mention in the Comment that it is a private request. I moderate all Comments and will not publish it if you mention that.

Father in Heaven, Mary needs your help quickly; please, if this does not interfere with your plans for her, fill the people involved (doctors, specialists, surgeons) with wisdom, compassion, and mercy, and bring her through her suffering to a happy outcome.

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