Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ups and Downs and In-Betweens

Once more, days have gone by without my posting and my stress level is rising. I can tell it is gaining ground when I drop things (the kitty is constantly dodging ice cubes when I try to empty the trays) and when I find my voice raised in tension and anger over small things.

I know some folks would not understand how something as simple as these posts can soothe me, but they do. To post, I must take stock of my day. That means I must simmer down, no matter what is going on around me, I must just calm down and reflect. Already, I feel much better. I have already prayed for his guidance and especially for his love to fill me and replace my frustration, fear, and worry. I cannot help myself or anyone else when I am in a state of tension and irritation.

One thing I've been doing the past week or so is going through the Psalms, one by one, from the top. Very interesting. They vary from words of anger toward enemies, songs of praise, of thanks, and even complete faith that the Lord will do away with the enemy. I don't expect the Lord to go about sending locusts down upon people who irritate me. But I do love reading that people, even in those long-ago days, had problems similar to what we all face now.

Jealousy, anger, fear, hunger, illness, irritation, all the human emotions, frailties, weaknesses, and strengths. These passages help me put things into perspective and help me realize my life is not that unique - others have faced similar things thousands and thousands of years ago. They just had different types of shelter, weapons, and toys, but inside, they were the same.

Dear God, help me to get past myself and into what you expect of me each day, and to be able to toss out what I expect of others.

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