Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Speak or Not To Speak, That is the Question

How on earth did 3 days get away from me without my posting to the Prayer Power part of my blog? I am forcing myself to deal with it tonight. I feel the loss when I do not take this time to reflect on what the day has brought me. I love the things I discover that I learned each day, many of them dealing with how to deal with people. Well, sometimes it's not so much as how to deal with them so much as how to avoid dealing with them. I do not like confrontation.

But for someone who does not like arguments, I surely do get into a few more of them than I should for a gal who claims she loves peace and quiet. I can't seem to make myself bite my tongue in time. Is that a sign of age? Of experience that wants to speak out? Or just plain selfishness in thinking I know better than the person who is speaking?

Seems to me I've found my theme for this post. I figure if Jesus could keep his mouth shut when all those Romans criticized him, humiliated him, beat on him, degraded him, tortured and killed him, then who am I to figure I know better than those around me? He absolutely did know better but he also knew they would not listen to him.

Hmmm. That's it, then. I need to pray for the knowledge of when to speak and when to not speak. If I know in my heart that speaking up and confronting an issue will do no good, there's no point in doing so. However, if by stating something, diplomatically and peacefully, once, and then moving on, if by doing that, I can perhaps plant a seed that might grow, it's worth it.

Father, please fill me with the grace I need to know the difference; remind me to pray that popular Serenity Prayer which says it so clearly and wisely.

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