Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogs about Faith

I am amazed at how many sites are out there with blogs about personal faith. It would take a long list to show them all to you. I'm thinking about making a special page so I can feature one a day, and then include that one in a list at the side. That might require a whole 'nother blog site. Still, it almost begs to be done. I tend to be a person who does what needs to be done, so don't be surprised if I follow through on this.

Meanwhile, if you want to explore some on your own, do a search with the words "blog faith prayer," you get a list of 10,700,000 results. Awesome. And who says God is dead? Or that people are no good and do not care about the Lord in this troubled world today? Certainly not those 10,700,000 bloggers! In fact, the top site at the moment I searched turned out to be one I just had to add to my list of those I need to follow.

Next time you feel you are alone and that nobody really cares about prayer or faith these days, do that search. You are bound to find a few sites that will boost your spirit and maybe even change your life.

Dear God, thank you for the blessed side of today's technology; may I always use it for good.

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