Saturday, August 29, 2009

Granny Thread Dishcloths - Things of Joy

Back in May, I posted that I was very excited about a new method I was trying for making dishcloths with crochet thread. I mentioned that I would post a pattern, or at least a photo, very soon. Obviously, it got away from me.

To fill you in, I started making them using simple granny square stitches, but using two strands of #10 crochet thread, often in white and a color. They are strong yet delicate in appearance. I have them in my Etsy store, and in several Giveaways recently, winners chose a few of those over anything else in the store. I am in love with these, and will be doing more and more.

I do think it's time that I actually calculate how much time and thread I am using, and perhaps revise my price. I think I should be charging a teensy bit more.

They are very practical, and pretty, too. They are lightweight enough to wring well, to get in corners for dried on food, and even to get between the tines on a fork that saw the goopy side of a sunny-side-up egg.

The trouble is that I am having so much fun making these that I lose track of how much they cost me to make. At present, I am not financially independent, so that is not something I can afford to do.

Here are some photos of those I've sold in the past. I will be listing about half a dozen or more this coming week in my store. I think the reason I am posting this is to show how pretty and functional something as simple as the granny square can be with a slight change in color, texture, and fun.

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