Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Faith in Action

Today was a lost day in many ways. I did not get anything done that I had planned to do. Instead, I was on the phone several hours today, on hold, or waiting for the right representative, or pushing 1, then 3, then zero, to get to another department. All of this was to deal with four bills that all wanted their money today and I have nothing coming in until next week.

If they had been minor bills, I would not have worried quite so much. These, however, were the household landline, the gas utility bill, car insurance, and one other which is, from past experience, ready to take me to court if I am a day late.

I was terrified. The same thought kept taking over my mind - where on earth can I get several hundred dollars to pay these all today or tomorrow? What am I going to say to these people? My finances are such that things are beginning to look up, but I am still behind several payments in all of these, which is to say at final-disconnect stage.

Trust me when I say that I had no confidence in God hearing my prayers on this. Still, I did pray. While I was dialing each one, while I was on hold, while I was pressing buttons, entering 16 digit account numbers on the telephone keypad - I was praying. Desperate, tears ready to fall, but praying.

I am grateful, filled with joy and amazement, to say the each one of them made arrangements with me. One made me do a postdated check for Monday over the phone; two allowed me until the 27th; and the last one, the smallest, I can pay tomorrow after the last of my cash, which I deposited after the call, clears my account in the morning.

I share this with you today not just to show that faith does work, but to also show, on the practical side, that companies today are willing to work with people in distress if you but talk to them openly, explaining your true circumstances and when you can honestly expect to make payment.

Dear God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from deep within my soul, for these favors granted today; I pray I will be a wise steward with whatever resources you send my way.

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Anonymous said...

Evie - you are a true testament to God's glory. Glad to hear that you were able to make arrangements!