Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crafts as an Avenue of Faith

It’s amazing how often our handcrafted works can open the doors to conversations about faith. At a craft fair, or in a display of our products and projects, wherever we show our projects, we can always include at least one item that is faith-based. When I do that, I do not even mention the item. It speaks for itself. People who are not interested simply pass it by. People who, however, are definitely interested, either buy or ask about the item(s).

This is such a simple way to share my faith. It requires no comment by me, no pushing or preaching. I love that.

I often include my plastic canvas crosses, or my Christmas poem (suitable for framing), or whatever is my favorite at the time.

Many different faiths can be represented by angels. They are very popular and folks are eager to find them. They cross the boundaries of many faiths.

I have one item that I realized works very well for Hanukkah “gelt” gifts. Jewish folks love them. And I love the way it opens the door for me to chat and reminisce about my old friends from New Jersey and Philly.

Dear Father, help me to keep my eyes open to other projects you’d like me to make, so that I may open the doors for other friendships and conversations.

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