Sunday, July 9, 2017

French Toast Frenzy

Ok, I got tired of seeing small bags half full of various breads in my fridge. When there were 3 of us in here, we made sandwiches out of anything that didn’t walk off the bread. We were happy to be full and satisfied.

Now that I have turned my health around somewhat in the right direction, I rarely eat bread. But I’m so reminded of all the times I would have gone hungry in the past without a slice a bread, I tend to buy if it’s on the marked-down racks. And then I eat a slice or two a week. And the rest sits.

So I watched for a sale on both milk and eggs. And this morning, I went into French Toast Frenzy! I tackled it early, before 10, so that the kitchen wouldn’t get too hot in this Vegas heat. I am finished now, and I packed away (in the freezer) 5 “sandwich size” plastic containers with 4 slices in each. This way, I can either pull out one slice at a time, or a tub to use over the week. I still have one of those square flat non-stick griddle pans with a small lip up the sides - it holds 4 normal slices at a time.

French toast has such a different taste than plain bread, so it’s one great way to satisfy my occasional cravings for something different. I can either eat it as soon as it defrosts, just like that (love it) or dip it into a dribble of honey or syrup, or even make a little sandwich of some kind. When I was growing up, we always sprinkled ours with powdered sugar from a sprinkle-jar. And when I was married for a few years, he loved his with ketchup! He said people put ketchup on eggs and to him, this was “egg bread” and so was his logic.

For those who still have a house filled with different folks with different food preferences, if you love French Toast, do some up just for you! Every once in a while, you can pull out a piece or two, smother it with syrup or honey or whatever you use, and indulge - and without the work!

I make mine plain and simple: 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, for approximately 8 slices of bread. Today, it came out exactly, in a way. I used 10 eggs and 2-1/2 cups milk, for approximately 20 slices.

I had fun, too. I had several varieties of bread in that fridge. So one container is all 7 grain slices, 3 containers are all medium white slices, and 1 container was wide but narrow Jewish rye. On that rye, I cut each slice in half and filled the container with half sliced.

Sometimes when I do this, I get fancy and sprinkle nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon in the dip, or vanilla, or whatever I feel in the mood for.

I had a little egg-mixture left which I will use in a few moments for my veggie/egg omelet for lunch.

Happy, happy, happy!

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