Saturday, April 8, 2017

Your Chuckle for the Night

Too soon to update you all on my weekend park-wide-yard-sale efforts, and too crunched for time, and too tired - BUT, I do have to give you your chuckle for the night. 

Friday morning, before I even finished setting everything out, around 6 a.m., my bottom dentures broke again. This time they wouldn’t “mesh” enough for me to super-glue them back together, and I did need to keep going forward, so I have not had them in.

Tonight, I was preparing to soak them with the uppers, and then put them aside until, if, and when, I can deal with another set. Wait for it - I accidentally dropped 1 of the two broken halves down the bathroom sink. I could at least see the piece so I knew it wasn’t down too far. Tried kitchen tongs - too fat. Tried another set of tongs - too fat. Finally I fished through the kitchen cutlery drawer, grabbed a skinny cocktail fork, and that did the job.

No moral to this story except perhaps to be very very careful when you are, um, “mature” and tired...I am going to bed! And, yes, you are allowed to laugh. In retrospect, it really is funny.

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