Saturday, October 8, 2016

Update on Leak Under House

It has certainly been interesting and challenging. I have become very creative in dealing with interrupted living conditions. The contractor's crew came yesterday. I had already cancelled my yard sale and cleared things from the skirting for their access under the mobile home.

My pipes, as expected, are very corroded, rusted and seeping. They located the leak and were tempted to snap it off, cap it, and leave one bathroom disconnected until I can re-pipe but the pipes were so bad they were afraid to even touch them in places. They also found a pinhole which was spraying the floor above it. A full square foot of flooring was wet underneath, so they taped the pipe very carefully.

Bottom line - next week after I refinance a short term loan, they'll install an inside shut off valve in my laundry area. Until re-piped, I will go outside to turn it on for no more than half an hour several times a day to do things like fill the tanks, take a fast shower, etc. Even that is risky. With the inside shut off valve, I won't have to run outside each time. I'll use a laundromat until the full re-pipe which must wait few months while I figure out how to gather funds. There is no way I can afford another loan payment. I will not just patch this time. It's too far gone but I'll get that valve to help avoid going out in really bad weather or late at night. I will also keep a dozen single gallons of water on hand.

Meanwhile, I told the fellow who was going to help me carry tables this weekend that it was "off" and of course he asked why. When he realized I was without running water, more or less, he popped up over here an hour later Thursday evening with 10 one-gallon bottles he had, and he had filled them with water for dishes, etc., to cut down on the number of times I need to turn-on/turn-off. What a blessing.

I've attached the photos they took of the pipes. I saw them personally two years ago during a previous "patch"and they've become worse. It's time.

Because I cook everything from scratch, I am having a grand time working out rinsing fresh produce or dishes (I have a separate container of clean water for that) and so on. I am drinking liquids a lot less (obvious reasons) and making other adjustments. But I have my home, and I am sheltered, and I am not facing Matthew as so many on the East Coast are, so fearfully, this weekend.

And away we go!  


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