Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Past Few Days - Nice and Easy

Although I haven't posted for a few days, I have not been totally idle. This was my week to write/edit and publish (print, staple) our monthly mobile home park newsletter. Then, this morning I took my monthly walk, delivering my route. Until two months ago, I delivered to 200 homes. This means simply walking down each "street" and rubber-banding the rolled newsletter to each front railing.

I used to give myself two days. Then a neighbor offered to take half that route. I did not realize that I had been pushing with that load. I was surprisingly relieved the first month that I only did half. Anyhow, it is the one day a month when I take my time and do that - it takes me, now, at my slow pace, just about an hour.

During that time, I can feel my tummy muscles happily tightening. My neighbor, more up on things than I am, says they are my "core" muscles. No matter what you call them, my bod does seem to enjoy it. Unfortunately, that's about the only time I can talk myself into the walk.

This week, also, I've done a little food prep here and there. I try to do things in bunches, and then I have things ready to grab and eat, or grab and toss into something I'm preparing. I did take a jar of peanuts and chopped them. They'll be ready for things like oatmeal, salads, and so on. And I rinsed a bag of spinach leaves. I didn't realize they needed "washing" until I read the info on the bag. That was a challenge, keeping the water use to a bare minimum, but I did it, and they are ready for quick-and-easy salads.

Our charity crafting finished projects were piling up in scattered piles. I did take all the scarves, just because they are easy to pack, and made 2 big bags, labeled, with 2 dozen in each. They are ready for delivery over the next two weeks. Weather here is quite cool at night. Not for people riding in cars, or with nice warm clothing and a nice warm place at home, but for people on the streets - these desert nights can be brutal if you are trying to keep warm on a concrete bed with a stone for a pillow.

And so it went...nice and easy, but steady.

I hope the past few days have gone well for each of you - nice and easy, but steady.

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