Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Strangely Productive Day - Extremely Satisfying

My biggest accomplishment today was extremely satisfying but did nothing for my financial situation, my de-cluttering efforts, or anything else. But, yes, it was extremely satisfying.

I can't remember what I did early today on the computer that made me search for my user name and password for one site. That was an enlightening moment. I must have had 8 slips of paper, all about 4" square, and each with about 8 or 9 password/user-name sets on them. 

As I typically have to do, I had to shuffle them, read each one all the way through to see if the one I wanted was on that paper, and keep on going until I found what I wanted.

This time, I was disgusted with myself. It was time. I opened a new Word page, titled it, and began, one by one, entering those sites, with their passwords/user-names, and I added them in alphabetical order.

One by one, I tore up each 4" square piece of paper into itty bitty pieces. Extremely satisfying.

Now, whenever I need to find that info, all I need to do is open that file (I placed a shortcut on my desktop), and do a quick Ctl-F and do a fast search through the 3 pages. Extremely satisfying.

And, because all my files are backed up by Carbonite, automatically, as I work on them, they will never really be lost. Extremely satisfying.

I am a happy camper and an even happier internet user!

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