Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm Glad I'm Not a Cat

I have often kidded and mentioned that if there is anything to reincarnation, I'd love to come back as a cat to a house that loves cats.

I'm not quite sure I still feel that way.

Tonight, I was brushing my beloved Silkie. She's now 5 years old and been with me for 3-1/2 years. She loves the routine we've developed for the good night quality time.

After I shut off the TV in the living room, I get down on the floor. By that time, she has already made it plain to me that she is ready for her "spa" treatment - her massage. I take my time brushing her. She has absolutely no ticklish spots. I usually pull the fur off the brush at least 3 times during our session which generally runs between 10 and 20 minutes.

Tonight, I was thinking about a commercial that Swiffer has. A mother and son are discussing their dog, Lulu, and her shedding problems. The Swiffer gadget that arrives at their door takes care of the fur on the floors and everywhere else, of course. And she makes a comment to the effect that the hair sticks to everything but Lulu.

That's my Silkie. I thought she was the only one like that.

When she first came home, my middle-aged "nephew" was still alive. After the first two or three weeks, we realized that I definitely needed to brush this cat every night. Not just a few times a week. Every night.

All we had to do was walk past her, or have her walk past us, and we looked like werewolves.

Tonight I was looking at her while I was brushing and thinking that if I came back as a cat, I might be itchy all over because I'd have fur all over. I would not like the hairball ejection process. And I don't think I'd like the litter box routine. Also, I don't like eating creepy crawlies while they are alive.

So, I guess I won't be saying anything about wanting to come back as a cat any longer. I think I've looked at the reality of that pipe dream.

It was fun while it lasted.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Are you okay?? You seem to blog every day and have not seen you for a week. Hope you are okay and maybe your computer is on the blink???

Evelyn Mayfield said...

You are so sweet to care. I was busy all last with with the monthly newsletter I'm a volunteer editor for here in our community and went right from that into hunting/gathering in my home/shed to get ready for this coming weekend's Fall Park Wide Yard Sale. About 20 of our homes will be selling their I-hope-I-do-not-have-to-take-this-back-inside stuff (lol).

I should post at least once before Friday - maybe tomorrow...because I will be totally wasted at the end of the days on Fri/Sat/Sun -

Hugs and prayers and thanks for asking...I read yours each time I see one but I keep forgetting to comment. Must start that again...