Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life is Not Bad at All

It rained all night and much of the day over in my part of town. The good news is that my ceiling did not "cry."

You all know I've been without TV since mid-day Saturday. RCA sent me a pdf of a user's guide for a model supposedly like mine. I tried what it said to do for a "system reset" but it didn't work, so I do really need the one for my own model. I've searched and searched in this archaeological dig of mine. That last time I looked inside it was well over a year ago - it could be anywhere in here.

I've searched online for the manual. Many times, I've discovered manuals for small appliances in here that were pretty old, but they were there to download. Not this little treasure.

As a last resort, I could buy another one, same model, and use that for my back bedroom TV, but I can't afford that for another few months.

Or, don't tell them, I could go into Walmart or KMart and find that model, open the box, read the manual, and close it back up again.

Meanwhile, I've been suffering TV withdrawal pains. I admit it. I'm a foodaholic and I also love my TV. I grew up with the radio and I do like that, but it has changed since my childhood years.

My TV dependency is split about 50-50. It's half shows and movies and documentaries and PBS, and the other half is local news/weather/traffic. I need to know, when I leave the house, that I won't be going to a store or to pay a bill and it's at that moment in the middle of a hostage situation. Isn't it terrible that the world is like that these days?

Well, I finally really went nutz. The TV only displays jagged almost diagonal lines, but the sound is still very good, and this is Thursday, so I turned it on and "listened" to Blue Bloods reruns, my favorite Thursday activity, plus some news and weather. Fortunately, that left my eyes and limbs free to do other things in the house.

It wasn't all that bad. Nope, not bad at all.

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