Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Passwords, Paper De-Cluttering, and More

After the frantic activity this morning, trying to settle down the mess of having had my FB page hacked, having my friends being asked to "friend" me again, and so on, I did also change my FB password. I'd never given it much thought of late because I'm literally always "signed in." I click on Facebook and zing, I'm on my page.

Yahoo also had notified me within the past few days that someone from Japan and Spain had tried to access my Yahoo account and suggested I change my password there. I did.

There's no way I can go into my zillion (well, not exactly) accounts all in one session and change the passwords. But I figure I've been given an alert and a head's up by the powers that be, about passwords. So, from here on in, any time I am entering a site of any kind, I will make it a point to change that password. 

Some of these I cannot even remember because they remember it for me. How convenient is that? As it turns out, it's not convenient at all in this situation. But it's no biggie. I just have to click that I've forgotten my password, enter my email addy, and they'll send me a temporary one plus a link to the password re-set page.

That settled, I realized today that I've been de-cluttering my stacks of paper (documents, pamphlets, patterns, etc.) almost every day. I seem to have developed a habit within the past two weeks of grabbing any stack of paperwork that I see just sitting out in the open, and bringing it to the couch, and having a "go" at it.

At first, I was annoyed at myself because I wasn't accomplishing anything physical in the house. Even though my house is tolerable, it's not as cool as I'd like it for heavy physical de-cluttering. 

Meanwhile, I've been griping to myself for years about needing to get at this paper clutter. So, gee, isn't this great? My secret wish has been answered. I am actually looking for more loose stacks. Then I must tackle cartons. Maybe I really will carve a hole in this archaeological dig I fondly call home.

All in all, the day has ended on an upbeat note. I've made some decisions to make some changes, and I noticed I have been making some changes without having consciously made the decision to do so.

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