Sunday, June 5, 2016

Update on Copycat Arby's Jamocha Shake

Back on the 26th, I mentioned I was going to try a copycat version of Arby's delish Jamocha Shake, at this link.
Today, I did it! Okay - here's the deal. I'll give you 2 links, below - one is for the regular version and one is for the lo-fat, lower calorie version.

I made the regular version today. Exactly as they have it, except I used sugar-free chocolate syrup, and I used artificial sweetener. The low calorie version says to use either Splenda or Equal, but I didn't have either one in stock, and used a generic for Sweet and Low, which is a saccharine product.

It was easy to make. The "jamocha" flavor was great - I love it. There is a very slight aftertaste and I think it might have been the Sweet-and-Low, so I'll make another batch next week and use either Equal or Splenda. But it was such a minor issue, and I really, really love this.

Oh, and for me, the sweetness level was a little high. We all know that artificial sweeteners are more intense than real sugar, so next week, I might cut the sweetener by half - after all, the ice cream itself (I'm partial to Breyer's Natural Vanilla) is sweet in itself, as is the sugar-free chocolate syrup.

The recipe makes 32 oz, or 2-16 oz. shakes. In my case, I divided it into 4 8-oz. servings. I've developed a habit over the past year or so of picking up those little $1 mini-cookie snack -packs in the plastic cups with plastic lids. I recycle the cups. I've used them for freezing yogurt (which I transfer from a larger tub) and even some of my freezer crock pot meals. They are perfect for these shakes, for me.

I'm tickled pink with this, and will keep some in the freezer all summer, I'm sure.

Regular Version: 

Lo-Calorie Version: 

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