Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's Activities

I didn't really do much today. Finished 2 crocheted baby jackets for our charity crafting team.

But part way through the day, I realized I have come to depend on having some kind of dish with beans in it, in my freezer, and I depend on munching on that at times when I need to feel satisfied and full. I needed to feel satisfied and full today. But I had no beans in the freezer - at least not eat-it-NOW ready.

So I yanked out the crock pot, took some frozen pre-soaked beans from the freezer (half pinto, half navy), a really big can of pinto's from the closet plus a can of black beans. Grabbed a can of diced tomatoes and one of Rotel. Rooted around and found one lonely onion left in the pantry, and a big ol' red bell pepper. Tossed all of this in the pot and let it do its magic. Added a little cumin and a little chopped cilantro. Oh, and I thin-sliced (on the mandoline) a few carrots.

I just finished dishing it into 7 containers which I will leave in the fridge overnight. Tomorrow, I'll label and date them and freeze all but one.

Partly, I had planned to let the freezer get a little low. I want to defrost it this month. The last defrost for this upright was June 15, last year. At that time, I hadn't done it for 3 years. Doing it this month, just a year later, it should be a whole lot easier.

Also, one of our charities crafting team is coming up from their home about 70 miles south of us. They stop by 2 or 3 times a year and bring about 100 hats at a time. I've got two bags of donated yarn all sorted and ready for them to pick up. I'll enjoy seeing them, even though it is rarely more than 20 minutes.

So, basically, all I did was do a crock pot of a 3-bean batch for sides, and do some yarn sorting for pick up tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I must vote early in the morning, drop off a bill payment, and head home for breakfast. 
Later in the day, those folks will be stopping by, and one of my former neighbors might come by. I've got a charity pickup scheduled for Thursday and she's got some things she wants to get rid of, to add to that one. I like to schedule them at least once a month (they come into our senior mobile home community about twice a month) because that forces me into a deadline for some minor de-cluttering. I'll be sorting for that charity pickup and for a friend who has a lot of family who enjoys getting some of the stuff I must get rid of. Hopefully, I can make a drop for that family this coming weekend or early next week.

For a change, I have nothing scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe I can get something done in the house. Maybe not...

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