Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fire in Our Senior Mobile Home Park Today

We had a fire in one of our mobile homes today. I didn't even notice the smoke until it was almost out. I thought that it was in the mobile home park a block away. When I did realize it was here, I drove over to see where it was.

I couldn't go past it. The utility trucks were still there, cleaning up and making sure it was out. I drove behind that street and saw that the one home is totaled, just a charred shell, and that the shed was also totaled, and that there was some damage to the home next to that lot.

A friend tells me that the people got out but 2 dogs did not.

I know nothing more.

Lord Jesus, please pay special attention to our mobile home community and to those people who are now out of their home. I pray they had insurance. Please protect us in our community and elsewhere as well. In the heat of our desert summer, we are prone to many sources of property (and personal) damage. I worry about my friends and neighbors and I'm turning that worry over to you. I know you will do whatever you can while abiding by the Father's will. Bless us all, please?

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