Sunday, May 8, 2016

24 Hour Bug in Town?

Sounds like a 24-hour bug zipping around town this week. A friend in assisted living was really sick on Thursday, all day and the night before that. No appetite and what little was ingested immediately came back up. In her case, she was smart enough to drink as many fluids as she could. Folks often forget that dehydration can cause lots of problems in seniors. The confusion that results can affect medication times and that can cause even more issues. 

Anyhow, three of her immediate neighbors on her floor were also ill, and today she mentioned that the facility had other cases. However, the next day, all was well. Well, she was a little weak, but sounded a lot better.

That was Thursday, the first I heard of anything. Friday morning, one of my charity crafting team called early in the morning saying she'd been up since the wee hours of the morning and couldn't keep anything down, for one, and wouldn't be at our session that morning. I haven't seen or heard anything since then from her, and I'm going to touch base with her tonight, now that I just realized that.

Then, today, a neighbor mentioned other cases in our own area.

So I guess I'm giving us all a head's up - something is going around. And it makes folks so sick that they consider the ER, but the ones I've heard of were fine the next day, or reasonably so.

Still, if you are sick, you know your own body and should listen to it. If you need to see a doctor, you should do so. 

Hugs and prayers for all...

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