Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking Care of God's Gifts to Me

I learned a little lesson late this afternoon. I was sitting on the back steps, catching up on my AARP magazine articles, and when I went to put on my reading glasses, I poked my right eye with the end of the ear piece. Now, I did close my eye just about when the piece poked my eye, but nonetheless, there was a moment of mild pain. 

The thing is that back in Dec. of '14, I had cataract surgery on that eye. That's the eye in which they needed to insert a spiral-o-ring to hold the new lens in place. I was told back then that there was always a chance of that ring slipping and requiring me to go in for mild surgery to re-do it. I kept aware of that eye for the next half hour and the mild pain went away and my vision was fine, so I know I didn't do any real immediate damage.

Now here's the lesson I learned.

Lately, I've been teasing, lightly, a dear friend who is in her 80s and now on 24/7 oxygen and uses a walker. She forgets her age and often does just a little too much and is exhausted afterwards. Gently, I mention that she's not 39 any longer, and we laugh.

Ok. The Lord gave me new eyes a little over a year ago. I was 75 during the year the first eye was done, so I kid and call them my 75th birthday gifts from God - my new eyes.

So, now I've got to remind myself, as well, that I am not 39 any longer and I must be a bit more careful when I do things, and do them a bit more slowly and focus on each thing I do these days. I can no longer just plunge into things.

It's no big deal, but if I do damage to myself, it will become a big deal.

Heavenly Father, thank you for reminding me gently that I must be just a bit more careful when I do things these days. I am so grateful for not only these great new eyes you gave me, but for each day I am here to enjoy the additional joys they bring my way. Please forgive me for giving someone else advice and not heeding it myself. I will try to do better. However, you know me all too well - I will need your help along the way.

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