Friday, April 8, 2016

Ongoing Prayers for Some Friends

Tonight I realized how grateful I am that the Lord has my back. I was thinking about three friends who have recently dealt with auto accidents and the aftermath of each one.

I remembered the one I was in over 10 years ago. Back then, I was between insurance coverages, having just dropped one and expecting the other to kick in later in the week. Who expects trouble in that brief a gap? Not me. Not my passenger. We left work on a normal afternoon and were broadsided by a young man who was speeding and on his cell. Ten years ago we didn't have all the bells, whistles and laws in place to help. I was planning to drop off my co-worker on the way home. The car was smooshed so badly on my side that we had to climb out of the passenger side front window. When the tow came, that driver viewed the mess, saw the other car and saw mine, glanced at the skid marks and said it was obvious that the kid was at fault. BUT I wasn't covered. I couldn't even pursue the issue without having legal troubles. The kid's father (he left the scene to get dad) quickly realized his good fortune and we swapped names and addresses. A week later, I was able to get up to where my totaled car had been towed and made a deal for the mechanics to just use it for parts in exchange for the time it spent there. When I took some photos and looked inside, I could see the impressions of our heads indented in the roof, inside the car. If we had not been belted, I don't even want to consider what would have happened.

Bottom line - I was not able to recover any expenses, but both my friend and I were blessed in being alive and badly bruised. He was able to get another co-worker to ride with and I spent the next year taking 3 buses to work each day and home again.

Now here's the thing. I am so very grateful, even though back then, I thought it was one of the worst things I'd been through. Yet I got away very cleanly compared to these friends of mine.

I have kept them in my prayers since their accidents occurred and will do so for a long time to come. They did not come away as cleanly as I did.

One is over 80 and finally had her cast off her "good" arm but is still in grave pain with it. She is dealing with a terminal kidney issue and they will not give her pain meds. She was in a car with her sis and brother. The sis and brother had many bruises and I'm not sure how they fared with the car. They didn't need hospitalization except for ER care. But they were all seniors and do not heal quickly. She is still dealing with the physical aftermath of their accident.

Another who also lives in our community is walking well now but in the beginning, she was in bad shape. They are driving a car but it's not theirs. We talked briefly recently and she tells me her insurance company still has not settled for her. They tell her it could take as long as 10 years since the other side is arguing the details of the accident. They, too, are seniors. I don't know if they have another 10 years. They are struggling now, financially, with the aftermath of their accident.

The third friend was injured badly as was her dear friend. She was in the hospital for weeks and is finally home. They are both still bad off, physically, even though her cast has finally disappeared. In addition, they no longer have a car. They are both seniors, too. They must rely on friends and other sources just to get to the doctors while dealing with their injuries. I don't know the details and whether or not they were covered, but apparently many insurance companies these days take a while to settle. Maybe they only had liability and a rental was not covered. Maybe - anything. The thing is, they are dealing with both the physical and financial aftermath of their accident.

Father, you were incredibly good to me 10 years ago. Yes, that bus was a pain but both of escaped long-term injuries and extreme financial issues. I ask with all my heart and soul and being for your ongoing compassion and mercy for these friends. Please bless them in unexpected ways with extraordinary solutions to their financial issues and with extraordinary healing. Each of them are people of faith, as you know, and are relying on you for strength and peace of mind during this worrisome and painful time. Bless them, please.

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