Friday, April 29, 2016

More Rain Coming This Weekend - Record Broken

After one day without it, we're expecting rain again. This should begin during the night and take up much of the morning. There are possibilities of it off and on during the day and into tomorrow.

I usually deliver part of our senior mobile home park monthly newsletter each month. Normally, I'd be out there two mornings. I'd do a third of the route on Saturday, to warm up. Then I'd do the rest on Sunday. We talked at the park office today and decided to hold off delivery until Monday and Tuesday. No sense having the papers rubber banded to railings (half the park) and to mail box poles outside of homes (the other half of the park) and have them getting soaked.

That said, watch the rain storm fizzle and us get nothing.

They have said that this April was the rainiest, wettest we've had here since 1968. I've only been in the area since '94, but already suspected this was a record month.

So for all of you in this area, do be careful if you're out and around in the rain. Don't careen through high water. Be smart.

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