Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Answered Prayer in a Manner of Speaking

A few days ago, I posted about my printer problems (see post here). I suspected then, as I do now, that it was caused by one of those many automated Windows updates - with me, it's to Windows 7.  The reason I think it's that rather than the printers is that they are two different units, one dedicated to a special project, and the other my inkjet.

Late Monday, I received an email response to my Contact Me request to Brother. Today I opened it and followed all the instructions. Brother gives excellent step-by-step details. Never mind that I hate unplugging and replugging USB cords and removing devices and reinstalling them. I had no trouble technically, just my own annoyance.

Once done, each printer happily printed a test page and on each one I also printed a document page, just to be sure. Along the way, I needed driving directions to a stop I must make tomorrow morning, so I clicked MapQuest and printed those. Then I turned both printers off.

I always turn them off when not in use. A friend, a real printer professional, explained to me that the print heads can dry and I suspect the ink can, as well, when the printer is on, hot, for long periods of time.

Half an hour later, I realized I should print something else - you guessed it. When I turned the inkjet back on, the job once again froze in the print queue.

Of course, I immediately sent back another request to Brother. I will probably go into live chat tomorrow to try to get this resolved.

I did a search tonight and found that this happens a lot when these automated updates affect drivers. I tried to go into Microsoft's "community forum" and ask about this latest one, but for some odd reason, I couldn't seem to make it accept my email when trying to set up an account with them.

The thing is that this was a sort of temporary answer to a quiet prayer. When the printer issues surfaced, I did my usual thing and prayed and then began working on finding answers.

When the printers worked just fine for a few minutes today, I was thrilled. I felt my prayers were answered. Then I was back to Square One.

Or was I?

Now that I look back, I see that even though the problem was not fully resolved, the Lord at least gave me that little window of time that allowed me to print out the driving directions I need for tomorrow. That saved me the trouble of writing it all down from the screen shot.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you once again for coming to my earthly rescue. I realize you had none of our modern technology while you were here on earth, but you knew life here and how little problems could often be more annoying and stressful than bigger ones. I really appreciate your giving me time to print what I needed at that moment. I trust you to find me the right help and to bless me with the patience to wait while you work it out.

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