Monday, March 14, 2016

Alternative to OMG - 2nd Commandment

Facebook might have some "blue" posts and some disgusting posts and even some downright offensive posts, but there are many, many uplifting posts as well.

Today I saw a graphic I had to share on my Facebook page. And I want to be really sure all my friends, especially those who are people of faith, get to see it, too.

It needs no explanation. Just look at it. Isn't that the greatest way to stop ourselves from continually breaking the 2nd Commandment? And think about it - that commandment is at the top of His list - that tells us how important it is.

This will be easy, if I can just get myself into the habit of trying it. I can easily say, "Oh My Evie - look at that!"

I love the last line in this graphic, though. Look at all those names. I feel cheated now. Of course, I can always use my Baptismal name, and my Confirmation middle name, and my maiden surname, and that would be enough of a mouthful to stop me in my tracks: Oh my Evelyn Mary Shamay Mayfield!

I really like this. I hope you all do, too.

Now to find a way to correct my other faults!

The only regret I have, when I see something like this, is that they rarely, if ever, include the name of whoever originally wrote those words. That person should get credit. The page that posted it does say it was submitted by Pie Aren't Square.

Father in heaven, please forgive me for all the times your name just slips out of my mouth at inappropriate times. It should only be said when I am talking directly to you. It should not slip out at other times. Please bless the person who put these thoughts together and who is helping us to try to keep your commandments.  

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