Sunday, February 28, 2016

Printer Fun and Games

Tomorrow or Tuesday, I'll be on the phone with the printer manufacturer trying to get my printer working. I have a dear friend who is a printer professional and we did all the things he recommended from his personal bag of tricks.


I hit the button to print and it goes into the print job queue and - then - it just sits there. It freezes.

So, after re-booting, trying other things in the same USB port and finding that other things work, and trying the printer cable various ways, we've come to the conclusion that I'll need to do a re-install. My old printer disc doesn't seem to want to cooperate, so I'll go to the company for help.

I suspect that maybe the latest Windows 7 automatic update might have done something that either requires an install, or maybe it's more advanced and I just need to update the drivers.

Either way, I'll get it worked out.

I've been pulling some of the weeds that are popping up on our desert-landscaping lots. Most of us have been here forever. When we got here, our lots already had little stones/gravel on our lots, with plastic underneath for weed retardant. We are allowed bushes, flowers, etc., but mostly we have the stones.

Over the years, the plastic gets brittle and weeds and grass clumps pop up. Plus, every time we pull out a weed, with the roots, that leaves the ground exposed even more to more weeds. Even smoothing the rocks after pulling each one, this happens. So, I will finish the pulling sometime this week and then I'll finish with a generous, wide and heavy dose of weed spray.

Life moves on. I am so grateful I can still handle things. I have dear friends who have so many issues. My heart aches for them. But, again, life moves on, and I must move along with it, one way or another.

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