Thursday, October 1, 2015

Park Wide Yard Sale Weekend Update

I will not be online very much this weekend. Our senior mobile home park has its semi-annual Park Wide Yard Sale this weekend and I will be participating.

I am "beat" tonight but I have everything ready to set up early in the morning. I'll get up at 5 and make coffee and breakfast, then take the car down to Visitor Parking, then walk back and begin setting up. 

The hardest part of setting up is that the Friday visitors typically begin driving in for what they hope are "early bargains" and often almost a whole hour before the 8 a.m. start time. This is very nerve wracking for me. I usually do not have enough stuff unpacked and placed on the tables and ground. Still, it will work out - it always does.

I spent half of today pulling cartons of stuff from my shed - thank God for my dolly. And yesterday, I carried out stuff from here in the house. I never have anything grand or expensive, unfortunately. But I cannot, in conscience, just "dump" things without at least trying to get some cash back, no matter how little. There were times, many years back, when Jane (old family friend now passed on) and I would go through the whole weekend and not even have enough for Taco Bell after a tiring day. I don't expect a ton of cash but I don't think it will be too bad.

I'll be shutting down early tonight and Saturday and Sunday nights. And I will not even open the PC until late evening, for perhaps an hour or less. 

The good part of this is that I have a deal with myself - nothing left at the end ever goes back inside. It either gets picked up by charities or I'll put it for sale in our monthly community newsletter.

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