Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taking His Hint - A Thump on the Head

A few of my friends, and I, have often discussed how dense and stupid we humans are when it comes to taking God's hints on what steps to take in our lives. We can each recount the times when we finally, after he almost literally has to thump us on the head, taken the hint, and found out it was exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right time.

I can tell many of those stories, myself, and I have, at times, in these posts.

Today, I think I finally did it without a major "thump on the head" from the Father.

I have been saying for months and months, that I need to schedule a colonscopy. For most folks, that's not a top priority. For me, with my near-death experience with colon cancer in '99, it's a necessity. Polyps that are per-cancerous can be removed safely during the procedure. It takes them from 3-5 years to become cancerous. Last year, '14, I should have had one done. I opted for my cataract surgery first. That was in December and January. 

Then, in January, I held off until our monthly newsletter (my responsibility) in the mobile home park took its July/August break. 

Here is it almost the end of July. So on Monday, I decided to book my regular checkup and blood test (which should have been in January) and also ask for the referral for the colonscopy.

It is now Wednesday. 

This morning I woke up with strong remnants of a dream. Rarely do I have such strong pieces of a dream remaining. In this one, I was having major medical issues I won't get into here. 


Ok, says me, I'll call this morning.

The first call I made was for the regular checkup and blood test. I went round and round with the appointment people. It became very confusing and normally this is a two-minute, at most, call. I finally hung up.


My Senior Dimensions coverage allows me to make some requests online. I finally went online and asked for the colonscopy referral. Usually, it takes 48 hours for a reply.

One hour later, I get a call - the referral is in. I call Friday or Monday for the consult appointment and will then get my procedure scheduled.

Dear Father, forgive me for dragging my heels so long on this one. Thank you for several hints this morning and for easy scheduling on the steps you wish me to take first. The rest will come in turn. I hope that this time, I got the message early enough to avoid complications. Thank you for your patience with this dim-witted human child of yours!

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