Sunday, July 5, 2015

Of All The Prayers I've Never Said

I've had a long time habit of saying a round of thank-you prayers when I climb into bed at night, as I am closing my eyes. These days I always begin with thanking him for my humble almost-40-year-old double wide mobile home and the community in which it sits. 

If it was not a perfect day, I still can find things to thank him for - the food I ate, the kitty he put me in charge of, hot and cold running water, whatever.

Yesterday was July 4th and I sat out on my porch, watching the sky light up in various neighborhoods in Las Vegas. During that restful (if somewhat noisy) time, I was very relaxed. I grew a little philosophical and began thinking about our country. 

Suddenly I realized that in all my years on this earth, I never, ever once thanked him for bringing me to life in this country instead of elsewhere. 

How could I possibly have neglected to do that?

How amazing it is that we take some things for granted.

I know we are all grateful that we do not live in a third world country. We are grateful for our freedoms and even for the freedom to complain.

But I never thanked him for bringing me to life here.

Heavenly Father, forgive my lack of gratitude in this matter. Thank you with all my heart and soul for bringing me to life here in this country. One set of my grandparents came from other countries, seeking the freedoms I sometimes take for granted. For the record, I do thank you for this amazing gift and for all the opportunities that come with it.  

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