Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is Cursive Becoming Extinct?

We've all seen articles, posts and other mentions about how so many schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. I worry about this. It's, to me, what sets us apart from the sharp edged cave man etchings on the walls of ancient caves. 

Printing by hand can be done by anyone. Long hand, or cursive, writing is what elevates us. 

I disagree with anyone who says it is too hard for our kids. For thousands of years, it was used by many cultures because it requires less labor to write than to print. If children could learn it for thousands of years, why can't today's young ones?

Just because we have keyboards and keypads does not mean there is no longer a need for this. Just because we will be able to "sign" documents and such with a fingerprint or a eye-iris ID does not mean it is not needed.

No culture, not even our grand and glorious high-tech all-important one, is free of technical "down time." People still need a way to easily communicate and easily "sign" documents and provide proof of their identity.

Today I was thrilled when checking out at a local Albertsons. I only use that chain for its specials, I admit. While checking out, somehow the checker (a nice fellow in his 30s) and I got into a quick discussion about cursive and its demise. 

He, wonderful father that he is, told me that he didn't care that it wasn't taught in his children's schools - he, himself, makes it his mission to teach them this method of communication! He refuses to let it die when it is still needed. What a guy! What a father!

There is still hope!

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