Sunday, May 31, 2015

Made It Through Another Month, With His Help

I’m so happy to note and share that I made it through another month, obviously with His help. Those of you who follow this, or who know me, realize this is a challenge, but one that is easier because of my faith. 

That last sentence made me realize something. My faith gets stronger and stronger, the more I rely on it. Isn’t that amazing? It grows, rather than decreases, in strength.

Without getting too philosophical, I feel so sad for anyone who does not have some level of faith, no matter which creed or credo they follow. It helps mere mortals like me to weather the storms of life. It even helps me get through the messy, stressy small issues which are sometimes more draining than the big issues.

So, here I am, reminding myself to tear off yet another page on the calendar in the morning. And bills are paid. And I have a roof over my head for me and for the cat, food for us both, running water, a bed to sleep in, and I am living in luxury compared to many (far too many) in this world today – indeed, not just in this world, but in my own city, and even in my own community.

Sweet, Merciful Lord Jesus, thank you with all my heart and soul for being here for me. And not just for me – for all. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering you endured for us, but I am so grateful for your love, your mercy, and your help.  

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