Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back to Revising the Busy Person’s Prayer Book

I'd better get going again on the revision and reformatting of my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book - it's already available at this link, in paperback and two digital download versions, but I am doing a little more work on it so I can put it in my Etsy shop as an instant download, making it easier to read on-screen. I’m hoping to offer a great price on it this way. 

That link (here), by the way, also allows you to see the Table of Contents and 4 of the prayers.

My original dream for this was to get it to as many folks as possible for as little as possible. I have also dreamed of offering the prayers as a packet of little business cards. That is still something I hope to work on.

I was making a lot of progress about a year ago and, when my middle-aged “nephew” passed away suddenly, my life went into a financial tailspin. I was so caught up in dealing with it that everything else was pushed aside. It’s a little over a year now since he left this earth, and he’d hate it if I didn’t finish this revision. So would his mom, Jane, gone since ’09 - she was so helpful to me with the first drafts early on.

Anyhow, there is that saying we all quote so easily - God helps those who help themselves. I can’t expect him to help me unless I get moving.

So, I pulled out the hard copy and will start working on it, hopefully at least an hour a day. It’s amazing what we can accomplish in a hour if we stick to it.

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