Monday, February 23, 2015

Opera and Other Stuff

Because I disconnected from contract TV, and because I am on an analog-to-digital converter box, indoor-antenna setup, my TV viewing choices have changed in the past few months. 

On Sunday morning, I was surfing to find out which channels were coming in best right then. I ended up watching a PBS showing of Carmen. I didn’t plan to watch that. I’ve never, ever watched, or went to, an opera. 

When I was young, our family could never have afforded to go. Later, it just never crossed my path. So I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this presentation.

In fact, I was glued to the set for the whole production. With just a few commercials and just as few intermissions, time stood still. 

Thankfully, I was at least somewhat productive. I was crocheting something for a cyber-friend of mine. And, also, thankfully, it was a pattern I knew by heart so it didn’t matter that I hated tearing my eyes away from the screen to look down.

With my new eyes (post-cataract eyes), I had no trouble reading the English translation subtitles on the screen.

Yep, it was a very enjoyable morning - wonder what’s on next week? 

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