Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life Goes On

Car troubles seem to be constant right now. Just paid half my monthly income for front axle and power steering line repairs, and there is still leaking. I think I'll put a paper or cardboard under the car over the next few days, and note where I placed it. That way, I can show the mechanic almost exactly where the leak is coming from. Even then, I'm not a dummy - I know that isn't always the answer. A leak could be further along a pipe, but slowly run down to that spot. Still, it will help them know where to start to look.

Gotta run out tomorrow, about 10 miles down the road, so I'm praying that there is no trouble with the actual running of the car. Should be all right, I think.
Still praying for all of you on the East Coast!   

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Kathy S said...

Love you Evie and the prayers appreciated here on the East Coast...Please just keep on looking up and things will be brighter for you...Your one good woman.......