Monday, December 23, 2013

Only a Cat Owner Would Understand

 Ok, so our newest cat, Silkie, has a lot of fur and I brush her ritually every night before I turn off the living room lights. It's her massage-therapy time, I think. Anyhow, I have this purple plastic egg that holds about a dozen cat treats and they fall out one at a time if it is rolled in a certain way.

I was on the floor, on hands and knees, not easy for me these days, and brushing her. She decided to stop everything and whack, really whack, that treat ball. She batted that thing about 3 feet in one direction, and then back again to about where she started, next to me.

Along the way, 2 or 3 treats fell out and she didn't bother looking back or going back to check if any fell out.

I was already on the floor, so I crawled along, picking them up. I didn't want to accidentally walk on them and crush them into the rug. I brought them back, put them down, and she ate them.

My middle-aged nephew was lying on his bed, looking out into the living room, watching me. Then he asked, rather quietly for him (his voice usually projects, a lot), "What are you doing?"

I explained.
He got quiet. 

Then he said, again very quietly, "So, she just taught you to fetch, right?"  

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